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Our training venues in Europe are unique and different. We are not a hotel, we are a home from home with a touch of luxury thrown in. Each Châteauform' property has been carefully selected to ensure it offers our guests a totally unique experience. From the fabulous settings, on the outskirts of the main cities of Europe to the attentive service of a dedicated 'nanny', nothing is left to chance. You'll also receive the services of a personal chef who'll tempt your taste buds with a selection of local cuisine, all freshly prepared with local ingredients. The properties are all cared for by a host couple who will make you and your guests feel at home while giving you the space you need to run a successful business event.

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Our training venue in Europe

45 min from Lyon City

La Maison des Contes

An air of Sleeping Beauty, with a mixture of pleasure and generosity

Meeting capacity 100 max

45 min from Roissy CDG Airport

Château de Crécy-la-Chapelle

A Louis-Philippe residence in the little ‘Venice of Brie’

Meeting capacity 50 max

45 min from Frankfurt Airport

Schloss Löwenstein

A Baroque residence influenced by Versailles

Meeting capacity 120 max

30 min from Rome-Ciampino Airport

La Borghesiana Romana

Change latitude and find a different way to share and exchange

Meeting capacity 130 max

35 min from Barcelona-El Prat Airport

Campus La Mola

An leafty oasis of peace and quiet for inspiring meetings

Meeting capacity 400 max

Event capacity 400 max

40 min from Beauvais-Tillé Airport

Château de Neuville-Bosc

Calm surroundings for quiet thought and new ideas

Meeting capacity 60 max

Liège Metro

Liège Saint-Lazare

A location where art and creativity will inspire your participants.

Meeting capacity 30 max

Event capacity 50 max

1h50 from Geneva Airport

Montagne Alternative

This place embodies an innovative vision of the business world, with an emphasis on human qualities and the environment.

Meeting capacity 40 max

Our training venues in Europe

Capture the imagination of your delegates and guests when you hire one of our 65 venues in Europe. Spread over all the major European cities in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium, each is an individual property with its own character. The careful blend of history combined with modern facilities and technology ensures that your meeting or training course will run according to plan. Each of our locations is suitable for training courses or team building as extra activities can be arranged. These can take place in the vast grounds of the property (games, competitions, challenges...) or at an external site (sports, cultural visits, cookery classes, cruising, skiing...). 

Choosing a training venue

There's a vast selection of training rooms to hire in Europe so how do you choose? The secret is to select a location that your guests will remember, talk about and want to return to. An exciting destination for a training workshop, mixed with fabulous accommodation, a superb location and modern facilities is the ultimate choice. A venue to remember will motivate and inspire attendees. And the perfect training venue should also offer a selection of extra activities for guests to enjoy and to allow them to take in the area they're visiting.  A good training venue is also flexible in terms of accommodating the event. Room layouts, catering, equipment should all be taken into account when booking a training venue.

What is corporate training and development?

The people who work in a company are its biggest asset. So it makes sense that the company looks after them and trains them. Corporate training and development teaches employees about the overall company goals and mission. It also shows people how their individual role fits into the company and how what they do is important, whether it’s cleaning the floors or making high-level decisions. Employees that are trained well are more likely to be motivated to go to work every day and less likely to look for another job. Corporate training starts the day an employee joins the company. It includes the office layout, overall company strategy, operations of different departments and corporate culture. This training then continues when a company joins a particular department and learns their own role and how it interfaces with the rest of the company. This is often supported by a series of on-going training sessions that serve to develop the employee’s skills. Sometimes this training is identified when an employee has an appraisal, which usually takes place annually. Corporate training and development encourages people to work together to achieve the same targets. Some companies are so large employees may not understand what some departments do. For example, why would a health and safety specialist need to know what the marketing department does? The answer to this is because marketing may be promoting the health and safety benefits of a product, so health and safety need to make those benefits clear to the marketing department. Another example of this is the sales team. It’s essential they have excellent product knowledge and are able to sell all the features and benefits to potential customers, whether suppliers or the public. To gain that knowledge the sales team need regular product training. Training gives an employee the skills and knowledge to be able to perform their job correctly. An employee should understand how the whole company fits together from the senior management to the junior staff. They should know who to go to, to assist them in their role, for example the IT department, accounts or the marketing department. Employee development is about preparing them for a future with the company. When an employee has a career development plan that may lead them to a management position, for example, they are more likely to feel motivated and produce effective work. This helps with retention rates, meaning companies nurture and develop employees who will grow with the company. This benefits the company long-term as a loyal employee with extensive knowledge of the company is an asset to the future of the business. Corporate training and development often takes place outside the company’s premises when a company hires a training centre or external venue. These venues can benefit training and development as there are no distractions from the office, meaning both trainers and employees can focus. Training can take place in the form of workshops and learning sessions. Team-building sessions are also popular for training, which can take place in the form of various sports activities. Conference or training centres that give access to and can arrange these activities are a popular choice for companies who want to invest in the future of their employees.