Website Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read carefully these terms and conditions of use (hereinafter, the ‘T&Cs’) relating to browsing on the website (the ‘Site’), published by Groupe Châteauform'. By accessing and using the Site, you fully accept these T&Cs.

Access to the Site is unrestricted and free of charge, with no need to subscribe or create an account.

Access to certain parts of the Site may require the creation of a personal area which uses access codes. You are responsible for taking the necessary precautions to keep your personal area secure. Please inform us of any fraudulent use of your access codes. In the event of non-compliance with these T&Cs, we reserve the right to suspend access to your personal area.

You are responsible for paying any charges for access to and use of the telecommunications network.


Protection of intellectual property

All items contained in the Site, of any kind whatsoever (brands, photos, images, texts), are protected as intellectual property.

Any use, reproduction or representation of the Site, in part or in whole, on any medium whatsoever, is forbidden. Any brands (names, slogans, logos) and any other distinctive marks appearing on the Site belong to Groupe Châteauform’ or its partners. Consequently, any reproduction, representation or use of these distinctive marks without their owner’s prior, written consent is prohibited.

User content

We may open an area for users to publish content on the Site, in particular opinions or photos (‘User Content’).

By publishing User Content on the Site, you grant us a free, irrevocable, non-exclusive and worldwide licence for the whole period to which the intellectual, literary and artistic and/or industrial property rights apply, in particular the copyright period as defined in any applicable French or foreign legislation or international agreements, allowing us to reproduce, represent, use, copy, modify, adapt, translate, create derived works from, integrate into other works or distribute all or part of this User Content.

This licence is granted in regard to all internal or external communications by Groupe Châteauform’ or its subsidiaries, on any paper or electronic media, including social networks.

Social networks belong to third parties, therefore the broadcasting and use of User Content on these social networks is regulated by these third parties’ terms and conditions of use. As such, we cannot be held liable for any use of Content which complies with the social networks' terms and conditions of use. We wish to remind you that any Content may be indexed by a search engine and may, therefore, be consulted by an audience other than that of the Site.

User Content published on this Site is published voluntarily and is your sole responsibility. It must not violate any applicable legislation, offend public decency or contradict the principles stated in these T&Cs. We reserve to right to delete, at any time, any User Content which does not comply with the T&Cs.

Furthermore, you are required to respect the rights of other users regarding their own User Content and must not reproduce or broadcast Content on other media without prior consent from the user concerned.


All information accessible on this Site is provided as is. We offer no guarantee in this respect and cannot accept any liability for the use of this information. We cannot be held liable for photographs and documents on this Site.

Site users agree to refrain from transmitting any information on this Site for which they may be held civilly or criminally liable and to refrain from disclosing any information which is illegal, contrary to public order or defamatory.


We cannot be held liable for any content, data or information published on sites accessed through a hyperlink on our Site, particularly sites with data which does not comply with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

It is strictly forbidden to create a hyperlink to all or part of the Site  without our prior, written consent.


We make every effort to ensure that the Site remains accessible at all times, but we cannot guarantee permanent availability and accessibility. Site access may be suspended, either partially or completely, especially for maintenance purposes.

Furthermore, malfunctions may affect the internet or any information or telecommunication system, and interruptions or breakdowns beyond our control may occur. We can provide no guarantee in this respect and cannot be held liable for any damages arising from use of the internet or information or telecommunication systems (such as poor transmission or receipt of data over the internet, outside interference, IT viruses or, more generally, any other internet malfunction that prevents the Site from functioning correctly).

We can only be held liable for direct damages, to the exclusion of all other kinds of damages or injury (particularly indirect damages such as loss of profit or income).


We may make changes to certain Site content and these T&Cs, particularly in order to comply with new regulations or to improve the Site.

Except in cases where your express acceptance is necessary, your acceptance of the new T&Cs is implied by your continued use of the Site.


These T&Cs are governed solely by French law.

Update: September 2019