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When you plan an event or book a meeting the venue is as important as the destination. It should inspire and create a memory for your guests. They need to relax as well as work and should feel at home. Châteauform' properties do all this and more. Each property has its own host couple who will welcome you and your guests and look after them. This is combined with a truly beautiful location where everyone can relax and take some time for themselves. The services of a dedicated 'nanny' will ensure your event runs smoothly. They'll also arrange and suggest any extra activities or trips you wish to take. 

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Our book meeting rooms in Europe

Invalides Metro

Les jardins de Saint-Dominique

Let your imagination run free…

Meeting capacity 250 max

Event capacity 500 max

Châteauform’ Marseille-Longchamp

Located in the center of Marseille. 10 minutes walking from the train station and 15 minutes from the "Vieux Port". This townhouse was owned by wealthy industrialists.

Meeting capacity 80 max

Corentin Celton Metro

La Manufacture

An inspiring venue for your participants

Meeting capacity 150 max

Event capacity 150 max

Liège Metro

Liège Saint-Lazare

A location where art and creativity will inspire your participants.

Meeting capacity 30 max

Event capacity 50 max

Book meeting rooms in Europe

Imagine holding an event that everyone talks about after for months to come - a successful event that people associate with your business. And all because you selected a venue that is second to none. A space that offers peace and tranquillity combined with the modern facilities of a professional event venue. This could promote your business both internally with your staff and externally with your clients. When you book one of our 65 meeting venues in Europe, in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland or Belgium this is what you'll achieve.

When you hire a business meeting room it´s important to consider the space to number of attendee ratio. People should feel comfortable and not enclosed but nor should they feel lost in a vast space. A hotel that wants to cram everyone in to make more profit is not the solution. A venue that listens to your requirements, how you want the room to be laid out, what kind of catering arrangements you'd like and if you'd like any extra activities arranging will take the stress out of organising your next meeting or event.

What makes a good meeting room?

We spend a lot of time in meetings so the meeting room is key to achieving successful results. So often the focus is on running effective meetings and we tend to forget how important the surroundings are. From the furniture to the set up to the colour of the walls – each detail contributes to the overall ambiance of the meeting. A good meeting room makes people feel comfortable, encourages participation and creativity. People are more receptive and open to new ideas when they feel at ease. Participants are more likely to work together as a team and collaborate if they’re in a pleasant environment. The first consideration is where the meeting is to be held. Is the meeting internal or external? Do attendees need to travel to the venue or will they stay on site? Do you wish to hire a special venue away from the office? The meeting room should be the right size for the number of participants, furniture and equipment. Before booking a room and deciding on the layout consider what the room will be used for, whether the meeting is with clients or internal staff and how many people will be attending. Another consideration is whether the meeting room needs outside space. A meeting room with doors that open onto a patio or garden where people can take a break and relax is a bonus. A good meeting room has the essential furniture to be used for the meeting. This could be a conference table, individual desks, presentation tables and chairs. Try to ensure there’s no excess furniture in the room to clutter it up. And it´s all about the detail. For example, do the chairs swivel and are they on wheels so people can move easily, or are the chairs solid which means they scrape along the floor? Décor is important to create a relaxing atmosphere. A few plants, pictures and ornaments can really lift a meeting room and make it seem welcoming. Colour is an essential part of the room as it enhances the meeting experience. Colours such as cream, green and blue create a calming atmosphere which is good for decision making while brighter bolder colours such as red, yellow and orange spark creativity. 

Good lighting is crucial for a meeting room. Natural lighting is best but sometimes extra overhead lighting may be required. It’s important people can see screens well without any reflection so a good meeting room needs blinds to block light when necessary. If a projector is to be used the lights will need to be dimmed quickly and easily. If you´re looking for a more casual set up for a meeting then soft lighting will work well. A good meeting room has great acoustics. There’s nothing worse than not being able to hear the speaker, chairs making noise when they move or feedback between speakers and microphones. Avoiding all these issues will make a meeting come across as professional and efficient. 

Many meetings require audio visual equipment which should be set up and in working order well before the meeting begins. When booking a meeting room with extra equipment check if there is a technical team on hand to demonstrate how it works. Plenty of power sockets is also a consideration, so people can plug in laptops and mobiles if they need to. A good meeting room is comfortable to work in. The temperature should not be too hot or too cold. When booking a meeting room check if the windows open, if there is heating or air conditioning and whether it can be controlled from inside the room. A good meeting room will have a combination of the above, depending on the requirements of the event.