About us


Our customers’ love and satisfaction are the values that inspire our talents every single day.

We have chosen to make Châteauform’ a carefree, magical experience to encourage cohesion, creativity and reflection.
Everything is designed for companies and the people who make them flourish.

That’s why 96% of our clients are satisfied and we would like to thank them for trusting us.

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Support and hospitality at the heart of our profession

Because hosting companies meetings and events is our core business, our teams are fully dedicated to the success of all your projects. From the very first contact you have with us to your delegates being onsite, we do everything in power to make your life as an event organiser, easier

Charming settings

With Chateauform', your events will take place in trendy or magical settings, all strictly dedicated to corporate events. We made sure to design our venues so work and relaxation go hand in hand.

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One common goal

Our dream is to offer each participant the opportunity to enjoy an environment entirely dedicated to work, reflection and relaxation in an atmosphere that makes them feel at home.

Conviviality is on the menu

During your meetings, meals are always the perfect opportunity to discuss and network. That is why we aim to make our meals convivial and authentic.


Châteauform’s story