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Meeting venue hire with Chateauform'

If you're looking for an amazing meeting venue to hold a unique event may we invite you to Châteauform'. We'll make you and your guests feel at home from the moment you arrive. Each house is run by a host couple and you'll be treated as a guest in their home whilst receiving a professional experience. Your dedicated 'nanny' will ensure your conference or meeting runs to plan. The meeting facilities are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are suitable for both large and small events. Every Châteauform' property retains its own character, most are historic buildings, yet each has been reformed to host a range of business functions.

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Our meeting venue in Europe

Invalides Metro

Les jardins de Saint-Dominique

Let your imagination run free…

Meeting capacity 250 max

Event capacity 500 max

20 min from Roissy CDG Airport

Château de Guermantes

Guermantes: a famous name in literature thanks to Marcel Proust

Meeting capacity 80 max

45 min from Orly Airport

Château des Mesnuls

A majestic residence that is also warm and welcoming

Meeting capacity 120 max

35 min from Orly Airport

Campus de Cély

Get together, breathe, reward…

Meeting capacity 200 max

1h from Madrid City

La Arena

An old hunting inn in the heart of the Sierra…

Meeting capacity 55 max

45 min from Lyon City

La Maison des Contes

An air of Sleeping Beauty, with a mixture of pleasure and generosity

Meeting capacity 100 max

35 min from Barcelona-El Prat Airport

Campus La Mola

An leafty oasis of peace and quiet for inspiring meetings

Meeting capacity 400 max

Event capacity 400 max

1h50 from Geneva Airport

Montagne Alternative

This place embodies an innovative vision of the business world, with an emphasis on human qualities and the environment.

Meeting capacity 40 max

Meeting venue hire in Europe

With over 65 business event venue locations throughout Europe, in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland Châteauform' can host the most innovative and unique business functions. Each venue is within easy reach of local transport links including airports, road and rail. When you book one of our properties for a meeting you can rest assured you'll receive the finest service. Each house has a host couple who will warmly welcome you and your guests and make you feel at home. You'll also have the services of a dedicated 'nanny' who will organise any leisure activities you wish to partake in and will ensure the meeting rooms are set up to your requirements.

Engaging meeting venues in Europe

A meeting venue should be sited in a location that suits both the attendees and the hosts. The perfection combination is a mix of peace and quiet yet near to local amenities. The major cities of Europe are a popular choice for meetings of businesses of all sizes. From Paris to Rome to Madrid, each city has it's own  flavour and has a vast selection of meeting venues to chose from. A successful meeting venue is where management or trainees alike can meet together and produce effective results. With its vast history and contemporary mix of buildings and cultures, Europe plays host to some of the biggest meetings in the world. 

How to organise an effective meeting

Meeting success is all about how the meeting is organised. From the location to the number of delegates to the objectives – each plays a crucial role in the outcome of the meeting. A meeting needs a clear goal in order to achieve a successful outcome. Set an agenda that determines the objective of the meeting and circulate it to all attendees well before the meeting date. The agenda should only be one page and the most important topics should appear first. Include a start and end time on the agenda and allocate each point a particular amount of time. Don’t allow any of the discussion points to go over the allocated time. Effective meetings start and end on time. If you want anyone to make a presentation, talk about a specific subject or brainstorm make sure you ask them (and get their confirmation!) before the meeting. How many times have you attended a meeting that you felt you shouldn´t be at? Admit it, you sat there thinking about all the other things you could have been achieving, excused yourself early or sent messages from your phone. This is why ensuring the right people are at the meeting is essential. Only invite the people who will contribute to the objective and will help move things forward. Ensure the people who can make any necessary decisions attend. Try not to invite too many people as the more voices there are the longer the meeting will take. Select a location that’s easy for everyone to get to. Book the meeting room in advance and confirm with the venue (internal or external) a couple of days before the date of the meeting. If you’re using an off-site location make sure it´s comfortable and is set up as you wish before the attendees arrive. For example, do you need a projector, stationery, pens, a sound system? These should all be ordered when the meeting is booked. A good meeting venue will check if you need these extras automatically when you make the booking. Order refreshments and lunch if necessary. A light  lunch works much better than a heavy meal and keeps people sustained and fresh for the afternoon session. Check if any attendees have a special diet if food is to be served. If the meeting venue you have chosen has outdoor space give people time to break and relax. Attention spans are short and they’ll be much more productive when they return! So often business meetings go off topic. The chairperson should keep everyone focussed and if alternative discussions start it’s their job to bring the meeting back to the key topic. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss an unforeseen topic, in which case the chairperson should ask the delegates if everyone agrees to discuss it for a set time period. Ask someone to take the minutes of the meeting. These don´t always have to be formal minutes, but it is important a correct summary of the meeting is circulated to all the relevant people. This should include any action points and names of people to carry out the action. If you are chairing the meeting ask someone else to take the minutes as recording what has been said and trying to run the meeting is virtually impossible and will waste time.