Our learning & development offers

Our learning & development offers

Châteauform’ was designed by an executive training facilitator for other training facilitators.

Châteauform’ offers a wide selection of locations harmoniously combining professionalism and humanism, in an atmosphere of warmth and adaptability, dedicated for your training programmes.

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Everything is designed with your attendees in mind

From start to finish, we are here to support you throughout your journey

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01. Supporting you

We are with you every step of the way, to ensure a seamless experience

  • Project leader

We will support you from the enquiry stage in order to collaboratively find the best solution for you

  • The organiser

You can count on our teams for a fluid organisation of your training programme’s logistical and administrative aspects

  • The facilitator

Your facilitator will be warmly welcomed by our team that will assist him/her to deliver his/her training programme in the best conditions.

Looking for an training facilitator?

Looking for an training facilitator?

We have created the 'Experts en form' guide, a list of experts who are regulars in our establishments and who share our values of professionalism, hospitality, high standards, conviviality and benevolence... Exchanging ideas, bringing people together, helping them to grow, developing a corporate spirit, motivating: seminars and work meetings are strategic events in the life of a company.

02. Facilities at your disposal

  • Fully equipped and flexible meeting rooms: adaptable to your learning requirements. They all are different in shape ,colour, and layout.
  • Informal rooms: designed to promote latest training delivery trends
  • Spaces to foster: collaboration, networking, and group dynamics
  • Inspiring venues: to successfully deliver key training messages
  • Face-to-face venues: augmented with digital tools: video-conferencing and digital participation tools...
  • Everything to animate and energize: White board, Energizers, facilitator kit
  • Extra supplies: everything is available on site to meet everyone’s needs (flipcharts, metaplan, photocopier, extension leads, etc.)

03. Your activities

You can create team games, interaction between your learners, fun and educational activities.... using our premises as a backdrop for your productions, both indoors and outdoors.

Training courses / learning programmes

Training courses / learning programmes

Preparation of your pilot session | Deployment of your internal school | Reception of your overflow to manage your activity peaks | IT training | Deployment of tools

Facilitation techniques, educational methods

Facilitation techniques, educational methods

Coaching sessions | Collaborative workshops, Serious Games | Design Thinking | Physical and digital learning | Combination of learning and games

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Are you looking to have a venue just for you?

We have solutions for you.

Common culture, collective mobilisation, best-practice and knowledge sharing, personal and soft skills development, competency sharpening… The corporate University is a strategic tool for significant shifts and increasing talent capabilities. Investing in talent is paramount to undertake upcoming challenges, including VUCA professional dynamics.

Châteauform’s flexibility, conviviality, and adaptability, allows the set-up of a corporate university or training programme tailored to your company. At Châteauform' we manage for you all the constraints linked to real estate investments, fixed costs, empty periods... and let you benefit from all the advantages of having a place dedicated to your programmes, or nomadic places adapted to your needs.

Discover our collection of venues

Adaptable to your needs, in the countryside, across Europe!

70 max

A venue 100% dedicated to learning and training

60 max
40 min from Beauvais-Tillé Airport

Calm surroundings for quiet thought and new ideas

4000 max
7 min from Front Populaire Metro

A place for your greatest events.

330 max
35 min from Orly Airport

Facilitate, federate, celebrate…