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Châteauform' Company with a mission

Our manifesto

"Only the company that puts people at the heart of its business, that respects the living and the territories, has the power to transform our world in a sustainable and harmonious way.

Châteauform' was built, against the current of the established order, motivated by the desire to give meaning to work, to reveal the potential and aspirations of women and men. Driven by a humanist enthusiasm, a deep desire to put people at the heart of the company, for their talents and also for their clients, Châteauform' was inspired by the personal story of a manager, Daniel Abittan, who has done 1000 jobs with a single conviction: the company must serve people rather than use them.

With this new lease of life, vital for the world of work and resolutely oriented towards the future, we have reinforced our raison d'être:

"Chateauform' teams bring their added warmth to every meeting to inspire companies and enable them to reveal their talents."

Our warm and benevolent culture has been forged in the iron of conviviality, hammered with emotions, heated by the flame of rich and passionate encounters. It is thanks to this culture that we are leading with determination and optimism the most pacifist and happiest of battles. It is to allow the company to be the place where all the richness of individuals unfolds, where differences are meticulously cultivated, to love being oneself, to dare to undertake.

A place where talent is emancipated, liberated, autonomous and overcomes the barriers of the imagination, freeing itself from the safeguards to dream of even more ambitious projects.

Humanism at Châteauform' has proven itself, has overcome crises, has broken down viruses and preconceived ideas.

And every day we celebrate new victories, those of women and men who discover themselves, reveal themselves and blossom.

We are the showcase and we will be the instrument.

Because we must carry our vision, give it voice, make it resonate with force, share it with the greatest number, with the millions of talents and the thousands of leaders who are looking for meaning and inspiration around them.

Let us open wide the doors of our culture to those who are willing to put the human being as an end and not the profit, certainly necessary, but only as a means and never as an end.

Only the company that puts the human being at the heart, that respects the living and the territories, has the power to transform our world in a sustainable and harmonious way.

We are convinced of this.

This is why our new raison d'être and its associated objectives are now engraved in our bylaws and make us a company with a mission.

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Daniel and Benjamin ABITTAN,

Heat Added Contractors

Our purpose :

"The Chateauform' teams bring their added warmth to every meeting to inspire companies and enable them to reveal their talents."

For this, we commit ourselves to :

Cultivating our Humanist Model

For fulfilled talents who grow, reveal themselves and embody our model.

Inspire our Clients as much as they inspire us

To share our ideas with our customers and partners so that they too put people before profit.

Create meetings that respect people, territories and life

To enhance the historical and natural heritage, to revitalize the links with the territories and to have a positive impact on the environment.

Our humanistic model:


An inverted pyramid organization

A management by values 


Our values :

  • Love of the customer
  • Boldness and initiative 
  • Loyalty and honesty
  • To grow and to make grow
  • Family spirit
  • Performance

Our ReSpEct philosophy for meetings that respect people, territories and life.

We take care of our Talents

By committing ourselves to :

- Allowing each person to be themselves, for a collective rich in differences

- Cultivating an environment conducive to the well-being and safety of our Talents

- Helping our Talents to grow through our learning culture

We take care of our customers

By committing to:

- Providing experiences that reveal talents and create memories

- Hosting our participants in safe and accessible locations

- Maintaining transparent and ethical relationships with our clients

We take care of our territories

By committing to:

- Promote local purchases

- Encourage local recruitment and participate in local life

- Maintain, bring to life and discover our heritage

We take care of the Living

By committing to:

- Eco-designing our events in places managed in a virtuous way

- Offering a generous and responsible table

- Engage and accompany our stakeholders for meetings that respect the living world

Chateauform' makes its decisions based on its talents and its clients. We are human-centered and that's why Châteauform' is a Humanist company.  

Magaly Gaudin - Protector and developer of Human Resources

We do not want a CSR policy that frames and constrains, but opt for a ReSpEct Philosophy that inspires, guides and invites initiative. 

Claire Schwartz - Head of Engagement