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Our off site meeting locations

At Châteauform' we're committed to making your stay as memorable as possible. From the moment you book you know you're in professional hands.


Off site meeting locations in Europe

40 max
Villiers Metro

The charm of a grand townhouse for you day meetings

50 max
45 min from Roissy CDG Airport

A Louis-Philippe residence in the little ‘Venice of Brie’

350 max

A step in the world of Pernod Ricard where your team can unwind with peace of mind

55 max
1h from Madrid City

An old hunting inn in the heart of the Sierra…

100 max
45 min from Lyon City

An air of Sleeping Beauty, with a mixture of pleasure and generosity

90 max
40 min from Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station

A harvest of good ideas for your international teams

Off site meeting locations in Europe

Located in some of the finest areas of Europe, we offer a selection of 65 properties that will take your guests' breath away. 

An offsite meeting brings

An offsite meeting brings a change of scenery and can inspire attendees to do their best work. Without the distractions of the office a meeting offsite can encourage communication and build relationships.

What is an offsite meeting?

An offsite meeting takes people away from the daily grind of the office to an external location. Offsite meetings can boost production and allow employees to get to know each other better.