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Châteauform' is the perfect event venue to organise team building activities. We are a conference and meeting venue located throughout Europe and offer a unique experience for companies wishing to give their employees an event to remember. Each house is individually run by a host couple and welcomes groups, both large and small. A dedicated 'nanny' will ensure your team building event or meeting runs smoothly. We'll take care of all the details so you can focus on your company business. We can provide superb outdoor and indoor facilities for fun on all levels!

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Our best team building venues in Europe

30 min from Roissy CDG Airport

Château de Nointel

An exceptionally open house, full of light…

Meeting capacity 35 max

35 min from Orly Airport

Château de Rochefort

Staging your largest events and seminars to their full effect…

Meeting capacity 120 max

30 min from Roissy CDG Airport

Château de Méry sur Oise

Get together in the world of impressionists…

Meeting capacity 110 max

35 min from Orly Airport

Campus de Cély

Get together, breathe, reward…

Meeting capacity 200 max

40 min from Madrid-Barajas Airport

La Finca El Bosque

A comfortably-sized hacienda where you can enjoy being outdoors almost all year round.

Meeting capacity 75 max

30 min from Beauvais Airport

Château de Fillerval

A star-studded house, once home to a ligneage of astronmers and cartographers

Meeting capacity 150 max

50 min from Lausanne Station

Les Chalets de Champéry

Winter seminars or summer meetings?

Meeting capacity 140 max

25 min from Roissy CDG Airport

Le Palais Abbatial de Royaumont

Imagine your seminar in the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties!

Meeting capacity 100 max

Our best team building venues in Europe

We offer team building venues all over Europe - France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland. All Châteauform' locations are near to transport links yet some are hidden in the depths of the countryside for a true escape. Each property retains the character of its location and is steeped in history. The grounds of some of our European properties are perfect for fun days and outdoor games. From French châteaux and German castles to Swiss chalets, each location is hand picked to suit our clients' needs. We'll work with you to tailor your event and make sure it runs seamlessly.

Team building and leadership events are all about building bonds and interacting. We can organise a team building event to reflect your business and motivate your employees. Each Châteauform' house is set in idyllic surroundings with plenty of space. Our teams of dedicated staff will ensure your event is a success, from the nanny who'll work with your event organiser, to the speciality chefs who'll prepare delicious meals and the house staff who'll prepare a comfortable room to sleep in if you require overnight accommodation.

What is team building?

Team building is all about bringing together a group of employees to foster cohesion and productivity. A strong team will work together in harmony to utilise their individual skills and achieve the company’s goals together. Many companies take the opportunity to hold team building events away from the workplace to get the best out of employees. These events can include games, activities and sports. Hiring an event venue that’s used to hosting team building events is a popular choice for both small and large companies. When considering team building it’s a good idea to talk to venues who run this type of event. They’ll have experience in running this type of activity and can give you plenty of ideas for creating an unforgettable team building event for your employees. Indoor team building has the advantage of not being subject to the weather. If you’re running an event during the cold winter months or want to be sure no time is wasted relying on the weather an indoor event is best. The challenge is to make sure the indoor event is just as much fun and motivational as an outdoor event! That’s when the advice of an event organiser can help. The trick is also to create an event that’s unique and suits your business. Here are some themes to whet your appetite - problem solving, murder mystery, circus skills, make a million, treasure island, around the world, cooking challenge… with a little imagination there’s a team building even for every business! Of course, if the weather is nice there’s no reason why the event can´t be performed outside. This is why it´s important to use a flexible venue who will be happy to make changes at the last minute. Outdoor team building activities should create a sense of excitement and allow employees to let their hair down. Whether gentle exercise, a tough challenge or just a picnic or barbecue, outdoor team building is a great way to boost team spirit. Some ideas for outdoor team building are yoga, canoeing, kayaking, treasure hunt, forest trail, survival challenge, sports, lawn games, cycling, horse riding, beach fun… again, any event can be organised. The objective is to select an event that everyone will feel comfortable taking part in but that’s also just that little bit challenging. When you take people out of their comfort zone to do something they’ve never done before it can really open their minds. Another way to promote cohesion between employees is corporate icebreakers, which is another form of team building. Sometimes management need to open up and get to know each other better. A corporate icebreaking event is a way to bring everyone round a table together. The idea is that people interact very fast in a relaxed environment. This could be done with an event similar to speed dating or games. These events are perfect for conferences of large groups of people that are time-limited. Usually 30 minutes is dedicated to the event and then the conference begins. This serves to energise and focus people and breaks down any barriers that may exist. If organised in the right way a team building event can massively improve your business in terms of employee engagement. It teaches people to trust and support each other and that colleagues are real people who have both strengths and weaknesses. Team building is also about respect for each other. We are all humans and we all have feelings. Team building allows us to see each other in a different light and work together for a common goal.