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Business venues hire in Bonn

A business meeting or conference in Bonn will create an impression. Luxury accommodation…fine dining…lush grounds and fantastic views… all contribute to making a memorable event. 


Our meeting venues near Bonn

90 max
40 min from Cologne-Bonn Airport

A country house in the middle of the Rhineland woods

200 max
50 min from Düsseldorf Airport

Between town and countryside, to suit all your requirements

Our meeting and conference venues in Germany

For a versatile and flexible meeting location the German cities of Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Cologne are popular choices for businesses from all over Europe.

Bonn - a special location for business meeting

Located on the banks of the Rhine river in west Germany, Bonn is not only a place for meetings and conferences, but a magical city to visit for leisure time too. This historic German city dates back to the year 12 BC and was the temporary capital of Germany in 1949.