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Imagine skipping the usual hotel conference room to share next year’s goals at a French castle amongst neoclassical antique-inspired statues; or revamping your brand strategy in a 13th-century monastery in Belgium. Châteauform’ makes all this possible. Choose from 65 spectacular European venues, each featuring everything you’ll need for a successful company retreat: from AV equipment and a team of dedicated staff, all the way to deluxe catering and accommodations. Make your corporate retreat one to remember with Châteauform’.

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What is a company retreat in Châteauform’?

Working and living in this interconnected world, companies are vying to produce highly innovative products as quickly as possible. However, innovation comes through collaboration and not competition. A company retreat is an opportunity for employees to get to know each other outside of the office, to foster collaboration and to bond over shared interests. Within the right setting, a company retreat can also be a powerful tool for promoting creativity and sparking innovation.

Need to brainstorm some new ideas with your team? Châteauform’ offers all the best places to do it. Our large properties can accommodate your whole team comfortably, and our meeting spaces are equipped with all the latest technology. But it’s not all work and no play at Châteauform’. Depending on the venue, you’ll find plenty of fun amenities to help you unwind after a long day of brainstorming, everything from tennis courts to karaoke machines.

Châteauform’ Marseille-Longchamp

Located in the center of Marseille. 10 minutes walking from the train station and 15 minutes from the "Vieux Port". This townhouse was owned by wealthy industrialists.

Meeting capacity 80 max

30 min from Rome-Ciampino Airport

La Borghesiana Romana

Change latitude and find a different way to share and exchange

Meeting capacity 130 max

1h from Madrid City

La Arena

An old hunting inn in the heart of the Sierra…

Meeting capacity 55 max

40 min from Liege-Guillemins station

Château du Haut-Neubois

A venue at the heart of the Ardennes hills, surrounded by the forest of Spa

45 min from Frankfurt Airport

Schloss Löwenstein

A Baroque residence influenced by Versailles

Meeting capacity 120 max

45 min from Lyon City

La Maison des Contes

An air of Sleeping Beauty, with a mixture of pleasure and generosity

Meeting capacity 100 max

35 min from Barcelona-El Prat Airport

Campus La Mola

An leafty oasis of peace and quiet for inspiring meetings

Meeting capacity 400 max

Event capacity 400 max

1h50 from Geneva Airport

Montagne Alternative

This place embodies an innovative vision of the business world, with an emphasis on human qualities and the environment.

Meeting capacity 40 max

Why do a company retreat?

There are plenty of reasons to send your team off on a company retreat, especially if they’ve been working hard and deserve a break! Organising a company retreat is also a great way to show your employees that you value their well-being and that you’re invested in their development.

Retreats are the ideal space to:

  • Promote collaboration and problem-solving skills amongst departments;
  • Get everyone on the same page about new initiatives;
  • Stimulate innovative thinking to brainstorm new ideas;
  • Reinforce company culture;
  • Build trust and create a sense of community;
  • Develop new skills;
  • Address issues from the bottom up, head-on;
  • Reward employees for their hard work.

How to organise an effective company retreat?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to organise an effective company retreat will vary depending on the specific goals and needs of your company. However, there are a few tips that can help to ensure a successful company retreat:

  • Set the purpose and goals of the retreat in advance and communicate these to all delegates;
  • Choose the right location, as it plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere for a retreat. Additionally, the location you choose needs to be close to major transport hubs and readily accessible;
  • Make sure the facilities at the location are up to standards and can accommodate all your needs;
  • Plan activities that will promote team building and bonding;
  • Make sure to allow time for relaxed socialising and recreation.

Discover our offers for your company retreat

From cosy chalets in the French Alps to grandiose mansions in Spain, Châteauform’ offers some of the most beautiful, tranquil settings that Europe has to offer. And while our châteaux and villas may look like something out of a fairytale, they’re also equipped with all modern amenities such as conference rooms and a complete AV system. In other words – all you need for a productive few days away.

Your host couple will take care of you and ensure everything is comfortable, while a dedicated event planner will handle all organisational manners. And to really add to the sense of luxury, you’ll get your own personal chef to cater to your every culinary need. Moreover, our all-inclusive prices will guarantee that your company retreat will stay within budget. 

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Bring your talents together in a company retreat

Corporate retreats are, in a sense, mini-vacations for a company’s talent. A corporate retreat once a year or even once a quarter is a great way for coworkers to stay connected and avoid burnout.

Is it time for your team to get together for a company retreat? Châteauform’s picturesque locations and modern facilities are the perfect backdrops for any business event. Our spacious properties can accommodate your whole team comfortably, and our meeting rooms all come equipped with all the latest technology. 

Furthermore, our venues are more than just places to work – they’re about building relationships and enjoying the good life. With luxurious accommodations and a variety of leisure activities on offer, your employees will have everything they need to relax and unwind. Let us take the stress out of planning your company retreat; get in touch today.

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What are the best activities for a company retreat?

Retreat activities allow team members to connect and learn from one another. When chosen carefully, these activities can help to improve your team’s communication skills, teamwork skills, and conflict resolution skills.



Working together to solve puzzles and riddles is an interactive way to encourage collaboration between teams. An escape room challenge is the perfect activity to test your teamwork as you race against the clock to find clues and unlock the door to freedom. Other team-building activities like bridge building (two teams must build two halves of a cardboard bridge separately), cooking classes, and paintball are great options.

Reconnect with the great outdoors

Retreating to the wilderness for a digital detox is a fantastic way to reset after a hectic period at work. You can get back to nature in many different ways, from easy hikes to more challenging treks. If you want to go all out, you could even try whitewater rafting or canyoning, or take on a zipline or ropes course.


Unwind and relax

After a long day of exploring or learning something new, it’s important to allocate some time for your team members to relax. This is where spa treatments, karaoke, art classes, and other luxury amenities come in handy.


Create some healthy competition

Healthy competition is a great way to get people bonding and working together. It also happens to be a whole lot of fun. There are a plethora of competitive activities, from traditional sports-oriented games to more unusual options like scavenger hunts.

With over 65 charming locations all across Europe, Châteauform’ is proud to encourage effective company retreats through a combination of made to measure venues and services. Our dedicated team of hosts and event planners are at your disposal to deliver the best experience possible for you and your team.

Contact us today to find out more about our company retreats and to discuss your specific requirements.

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