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Châteauform' Learning Lab La Défense

70 max

In the heart of Paris' business district, discover a venue 100% dedicated to learning and training. This functional 3,200 m2 space, spread over 6 floors, offers 37 fully modular meeting rooms with natural light. This new location is dedicated to training programmes, design thinking workshops, coaching and personal development sessions, training in soft and hard skills and even IT trainings with fully equipped rooms that can host up to 80 participants in plenary format.

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To work
37 meeting rooms
Meeting rooms capacity

From 4 to 80 participants

Cocktail space
Up to 200 participants

An environment that promotes learning and memorisation

The venue has been designed to respond to new trends in teaching and learning with its themed informal rooms. The teams can meet in these unusual spaces where the layout is freer, more creative and flexible, to make room for discussion, boost creativity and encourage the exchange of views. You can rely on our personalised support from A to Z for the organisation of your training, so you can focus on its success.


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A venue that is easy to access and 100% dedicated to training: fully equipped, modular rooms, with ergonomic furniture, adaptable to all team sizes, all types of training and all teaching objectives. Centred on learning, as well as on the learner, their needs and their results, the spaces have been entirely designed to promote learning, blending graphic decoration and pastel colours. The audiovisual and computer equipment, as well as the other teaching tools you may need (surfaces for free expression, creative kit, facilitator kit), are easy to use and designed to facilitate the training process.

The favorites of the house

Châteauform' Learning Lab offers informal spaces designed to provide complementary tools to facilitators in the organisation of their training sessions but also for learners in order to open them up to the subjects of training and management. Discover the art of the icebreaker to start your sessions off on the right foot, the laughter room or the creativity room which will offer you the opportunity to approach subjects differently via creativity: modelling clay, balls of wool, pencils, buttons, paper, everything is available for creative activities.

Fully equipped meeting rooms

32 Adjustable rooms

80 max












5 Informal rooms


1 Cocktail area

20 max