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There’s nothing like a business retreat to test the bonds that hold your team together. But it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. With the right setting, a business retreat can double as a fun, rewarding experience for your team. And Châteauform’ event venues are the perfect place to make it happen.

With 65 unique and historical properties throughout Europe, Châteauform’ has just the right setting for your next corporate event. From historical châteaux to modern mansions, each venue is edged in history and brimming with character, providing you with everything to be both comfortable and productive.

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What is a business retreat?

A business retreat is a short escape from the office – a time for a company’s employees to take a break from their everyday tasks, and focus instead on larger goals for the company. This usually means creating or solidifying the company’s mission and strategy, brainstorming new ideas, or working on developing new skills. It’s also a chance to build relationships and trust within the team, which is invaluable when times get tough.

Châteauform’ Marseille-Longchamp

Located in the center of Marseille. 10 minutes walking from the train station and 15 minutes from the "Vieux Port". This townhouse was owned by wealthy industrialists.

Meeting capacity 80 max

30 min from Rome-Ciampino Airport

La Borghesiana Romana

Change latitude and find a different way to share and exchange

Meeting capacity 130 max

1h from Madrid City

La Arena

An old hunting inn in the heart of the Sierra…

Meeting capacity 55 max

40 min from Liege-Guillemins station

Château du Haut-Neubois

A venue at the heart of the Ardennes hills, surrounded by the forest of Spa

45 min from Frankfurt Airport

Schloss Löwenstein

A Baroque residence influenced by Versailles

Meeting capacity 120 max

45 min from Lyon City

La Maison des Contes

An air of Sleeping Beauty, with a mixture of pleasure and generosity

Meeting capacity 100 max

35 min from Barcelona-El Prat Airport

Campus La Mola

An leafty oasis of peace and quiet for inspiring meetings

Meeting capacity 400 max

Event capacity 400 max

1h50 from Geneva Airport

Montagne Alternative

This place embodies an innovative vision of the business world, with an emphasis on human qualities and the environment.

Meeting capacity 40 max

What are the best Châteauform’ locations for a business retreat?

When it comes to business-oriented meetings, you should look for a location that offers meeting space, as well as breakout rooms, LCD projectors, and other business-oriented amenities. Some of our favourite Châteauform locations for company getaways include:

  • La Finca El Bosque, Spain;
  • Les Chalets de Champéry, Switzerland;
  • La Villa Gallarati Scotti, Italy;
  • Le Palais Abbatial de Royaumont, France;
  • Schloss Ahrenthal, Germany;
  • Château de Fillerval, France.

Why do a business retreat?

Corporate retreats can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a major development crunch, and need everyone to be able to focus without distractions. Or maybe you’re launching a new exciting product, and you need to brainstorm some creative marketing strategies. Perhaps you’re simply looking for a way to build team camaraderie after a sales slump. Whatever the reason, a corporate meeting is a surefire initiative to get everyone aligned and moving in the same direction.

In general, a business retreat can provide the following benefits:

  • A chance to get away from the day-to-day grind and take a step back to assess the company’s direction;
  • An opportunity to build stronger relationships and bonds within the team;
  • A more creative and relaxed environment in which to brainstorm and generate new ideas;
  • A chance to learn new skills or hone existing ones;
  • An opportunity to unplug from technology and clear the mind;
  • Some much-needed rest and relaxation!
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What are the benefits of a business retreat in Châteauform’

We already know the benefits of business retreats: they can boost employee esteem and belonging, crank up creativity levels, and strengthen company culture. But what makes Châteauform’ business retreats, in particular, so special? Here are a few key reasons:

A customised experience

Choose from all-inclusive team-building packages, full-day/half-day meeting packages, or get creative! Châteauform’ works with you to tailor your business retreat experience to your specific needs, ensuring that you and your team maximise time away from the office.

A sense of luxury and exclusivity

Magnificent and stately, Châteauform’ business retreat grounds are absolutely top-of-the-line. Choose from over 65 historical properties set in stunning natural backdrops all over Europe, carefully renovated to provide modern amenities and five-star service. Whether it’s a quiet 18th-century château in the provinces, or one of our bustling urban penthouses in Paris, they’ll singularly invoke a feeling of luxury and exclusivity that you and your co-workers will love.

An ideal setting for team-building

Spread across sprawling grounds, Châteauform’ properties are the perfect backdrop for team-building activities. From cooking challenges to scavenger hunts to casino evenings, your team will find plenty to do. Also available are various sports, saunas, pools, and many other on-site amenities.

Our event planners will take care of everything

With over 25 years of experience, Châteauform’s dedicated, on-site team of event planners is ready to make your business retreat a great one. From food and drink to activities and lodging, we’ll take care of all the details so you don’t have to. We’ll also provide you with all the equipment you’ll need for your business retreat, including projectors, a PA system, and a workstation with computers and a printer.

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Live your best business retreat with Châteauform’

With locations in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and more – our luxury châteaux and villas offer the perfect environment for productive business meetings and brainstorming sessions. We’ve carefully selected our venues for their location (close to local airports and transport), whether in the city or out in the country.

Our properties come with full business facilities, including conference rooms, high-speed WiFi, and audiovisual equipment. But it’s not all work and no play – some châteaux also come complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, and stunning grounds for your attendees to explore during their downtime.

A dedicated event planner will help you find the ideal home for your event. As well, our on-site team can also handle catering and organisation, leaving you free to focus on what’s most important: your team. Start planning your business retreat now; get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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