Now more than ever, taking care of you is our mission


Dear Clients,


Since March 2020, the COVID-19 virus has transformed our lives and habits. The confinement and the need to work from home has shown us a number of advantages, but also the limitations of videoconferences, conference calls and other methods of remote communication.


At Chateauform’, our key mission remains unchanged: encourage teamwork, facilitate the bond between people and create memories. We are looking forward to welcoming you back, when you are ready to meet with your colleagues, clients or business partners again.


In the upcoming months, we will begin to see the economic activity coming back to life. We will have to learn to progressively adapt to the new health and safety measures that will now be a new part of our lives.


Even in these uncertain times, you can count on us. We promise to put everything in place to increase our health and safety measures, to guarantee your safety in our venues.


Chateauform has been working with specialists for years. Our internal health and safety teams have surrounded themselves with more experts in the hygiene field to produce new and improved standards and procedures that will now be the new norm. We are working hard with one goal in mind: welcoming you with the utmost safety.


Until now, governments of the world and the World Health Organisation have published no official recommendations on this topic. We would like to proactively share the list of the items we are currently working on, which will of course evolve as the official regulations will be communicated in the future:

  • Hygiene in our venues: Regular disinfection of the common areas, meeting rooms and providing you with masks and antibacterial gel.
  • A « minimal contact » approach- We have redesigned the stay of the participants in order to limit the number of physical contacts required.
  • Social distancing :
  • Larger meeting rooms will be allocated in order to respect the 1-meter minimum distancing between your participants.
  • Private dining room for your meals, or at the very least tables that respect the distancing rules.
  • Your coffee breaks set up in your meeting rooms or in a private lounge.
  • Hybrid meetings: We will offer the possibility to set up video conference equipment in all our meeting rooms, and even allowing virtual meetings between several of our venues simultaneously.


  • Evolution of the food and beverage offered at Chateauform’
    • All our meals plated, served in bento boxes or tray served in the meeting room…We will adapt to your requirements without compromising on quality.
    • Our usual treats will still be available, only individually wrapped.


All information in regard to the health and safety measures will be updated regularly on our website , feel free to check the latest news as much as you wish.


As human beings, the need to foster team spirit and work on our bond is never as strong as after a health or economic crisis … we cannot wait to welcome you again!



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