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Our mission is to take care of you, now more than ever


Dear organisers, participants, facilitators,

For months now, Covid-19 has upturned the way we work and socialise. Lockdown measures forced us to learn to work from home and find out first-hand the advantages but also the limits of online meetings and web conferencing.

We at Châteauform’ would like to continue our role in building ties with you, whether to help you team up with colleagues or reunite with clients or partners.

As soon as we were able to reopen our doors in June, we sought the help of Socotec, a leader in testing, inspection and certification, to align our practices to the new sanitary protocol while retaining the «at home» feeling you so love. Here is what our venues have put into place to ensure your safety


Upon arrival:

  • Systematic temperature screening: your host couple will take your temperature as soon as you arrive. This is done by an infrared thermometer and the results are not kept.
  • Presentation of all safety measures: they will explain how the sanitary protocol has been applied to the house: planned paths, floor markings and prevention measure reminders placed throughout the rooms.
  • Your personal bag of tricks: 2 single-use masks, 1 bottle of hand sanitiser, 1 note pad and 1 pen.


Inside the house:

  • Systematic use of masks: as in workplaces and all indoor public spaces, masks must be worn at all times; single-use surgical masks are provided throughout the house.
  • Extra hygiene measures: additional cleaning of frequent contact areas (door handles, railings, self-service equipment, coffee machines, games, fridges). Hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes are also provided throughout the house.


Work areas:

  • Extra hygiene measures: each room is thoroughly cleaned before each meeting according to sanitary protocol; all tables and chairs are disinfected. Hand sanitiser and masks are provided in each plenary and breakout room.
  • Regular airing: your floor manager will air your open work spaces every three house.
  • Reducing number of touched objects: you will be given a notepad and pen upon arrival and each facilitator kit (computer, microphone with plastic covering, remote control) will be replaced or disinfected after every use.
  • Social distancing: staggered seating or 1m-distancing between each person for groups of more than 10 in the room.
  • Hybrid meetings: options to use video-conferencing in all our rooms or even hold meetings within several houses at the same time.
  • Outdoor meetings or small groups: room to meet informally in the house grounds or make smaller groups in the breakout rooms.


Meal time:

  • Presentation designed to reduce points of contact but still just as flavoursome and generous: buffet breakfast and lunch, gourmet morning and afternoon tea presented in individual servings and made easy by our staff. Seated dinner served by our table hosts.
  • Social distancing in our dining rooms: tables of up to 10 with 1m between each table, the same as for restaurants.
  • Self-service still in place: in keeping with the feeling of being «at home», you are still free to make your own coffee or tea, use the fridges and cocktail utensils, which you can disinfect before each use.


Your bedroom:

  • Extra hygiene measures: each room is prepared according to a strict, deep cleaning protocol. Once cleaned, it is closed and left untouched throughout your stay unless you make a request.


Your downtime:

  • All available equipment, such as sportswear and equipment or other games equipment are provided upon request and disinfected after each use.
  • Indoor games, such as the pool table, fuse ball or karaoke machine, are cleaned regularly and provided with a disinfection kit.
  • All outside interventions are subject to the same Châteauform sanitary protocol described above.



Châteauform’s teams have been trained in the protocol validated by our partner Socotec to ensure your safety throughout your stay. There is never a more important time for humans to come together than after a crisis, whether financial or health. We are looking forward to seeing you again!