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Château de Neuville-Bosc

60 max

Calm surroundings for quiet thought and new ideas

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48 bedrooms
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16 meeting rooms
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Van 2 tot 120 deelnemers


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A mansion exuding peaceful charm, somewhere to get away from it all

Margot & Francesco

The host couple welcomes you

Margot & Francesco

Neuville-Bosc is an authentic family home that is both cozy and intimate. In the centre of a small hamlet, this 19th century mansion and its outbuildings are surrounded by an 8-hectare park bordered by a large forest reserve. The area can accommodate 50 guests in a space where many enjoy walks in the park... in short, anything that naturally promotes thought, creativity, and cohesion among your seminar teams.

Our favourite feature

Our favourite feature: the sunflower room, the first round room at châteauform’, for better discussions.


Get more out of your discussions with the Tournesol meeting room!

The architecture of this wonderfully rounded and curvaceous room opens up various innovative possibilities for seminar-hosting techniques. Its circular shape encourages discussion, with the circumference giving each participant an opportunity to express their views on an equal footing, free from any form of hierarchy. Its sloping sides are reminiscent of a theatre. The room constitutes a genuine asset for seminar leaders keen to harness the symbolic benefits of upward and downward flow of information; as well as viewpoint relativity, and the forming and developing of teams around the "leader".

Fully-equipped meeting rooms

9 Boardrooms

4 max



1 Adjustable rooms

60 max

It's all good!

Neuville-Bosc offers at least two speciality dishes. The kitchen is a true bourgeois mansion country kitchen... open, bright, and welcoming. And the chef... Yannick. Her two specialities work together beautifully. Yannick loves truly local products. He buys local ingredients or grows them in his garden, and he prepares them using traditional recipes, like grandma.

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Chain reactions
Chain reactions

Szulka Dominique - Développement RH France et Belgique - Areva T&D
In all the roles I take on at Châteauform’, whether as course participant, leader or organiser, the set up and décor are always perfect. So a big congratulations to the teams there with a special mention for the technical managers.