Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you more expensive than a classic hotel?
The Châteauform' residential seminar packages are absolutely all-inclusive and cannot be compared to the packages offered by the classic hotel business. In our houses, there is no talk of money, there is never any extra added during the stay because everything is included from the start. In addition, to meet all budgets, we have a wide range of packages that vary depending on the house: from € 200 to € 440*! (*2020 prices)


Do you also receive private parties?

We welcome families who come to the Maisons de Katy et Jacques for holidays : These houses, six in total, are seminary houses that are transformed to accommodate families and friends during school holidays. Six houses, five environments: close to the sea at Mas San Joan in Spain, Italian culture inspired Borghesiana Romana, the heart of the Lombardy countryside at Cascina Erbatici, to the sound of cicadas at the Domaine de Châteauneuf in the heart of Provence, and finally winter for the mountain holidays in the chalets of Champéry in Switzerland. Our stays have everything included, from Sunday to Sunday in summer and from Saturday to Saturday in winter.


Where are you based? Are you in Paris too?
We welcome your teams to Paris, Île-de-France, Rhône-Alpes, Bordeaux and Var in France. We are also present in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium.


Are breaks included? What does "all inclusive" really mean?
In residential format, breaks - also called 'breathers between work sessions' - are included in the all-inclusive package, as are all other meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners) and access to our lounges at any time. It also includes accommodation, all meeting rooms (fully equipped for plenary and sub-group) and all activities for your moments of relaxation.

In study day format, breaks are included in the all-inclusive package along with breakfast and lunch and access to our lounges at any time. It also includes your fully equipped plenary room.

In event format, each proposal is tailor-made.


Can I ask you questions about all Châteauform', or do you specialise in one particular house?
Our Seminar Advisers can give you information on all our houses in France & Europe, as well as all our Châteauform' experiences. All our teams are at your disposal and are happy to answer your questions on + 33 1 79 35 35 35, so contact us!


For your organisers:

Are transfers possible?
Of course, each of our houses works with local taxi or bus companies. Your contact, who takes care of your logistics and helps you organise your seminar upstream, will book all your arrival and return transfers. If needed, she will also group participants according to their schedules and arrival or departure points to help you keep costs down.


Is it possible for participants to pay part of the seminar?
Yes, participants can pay all or part of their stay. To do so, we offer an online pre-payment system that prevents participants from "talking about money" during their stay. Your Seminar Advisor will explain all of this in detail.


Is it possible to have twin accommodation?
Accommodation in a twin room is absolutely possible. Some houses have more rooms that can be shared than others.


Is exclusivity possible in your houses?
Of course, in fact it's the ideal! Have the house exclusively to yourself, decorate it in your company colours and enjoy having the hosts and their team 100% dedicated to your employees!


Do you offer trainers for my event?
We offer a selection of consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators who frequently work with their clients in our houses. You can contact them directly on


I need activities, what can you offer me?
Our houses are brimming with activities so that the participants share the good times together! We offer a range of free indoor activities (billiards, table football, board games, karaoke, hydromassage beds, hammam, indoor pool...) and outdoor (tennis, football, golf, volleyball, badminton, bikes...). If you wish to reinforce the objective of your seminar with a simulation supervised by professionals, please consult the selection of events on our website.


I have not received a response to my request, what should I do?
First of all, please accept our apologies, you can contact Châteauform' reception on + 33 1 78 35 35 35


For your participants:

I'm lost, who should I contact?
You can call the Châteauform' reception on +33 1 78 35 35 35, our hostess will direct you to the house you are looking for.


How can I get to the house?
On the page dedicated to that house on our website, you will be able to download the plan on how to get there, along with its GPS coordinates.


Do you accept animals?
Our houses do not allow pets.


I left something at my seminar, how can I retrieve it?
Wenn Sie die Telefonnummer des Hauses haben, können Sie direkt Ihr Gastgeberpaar kontaktieren, oder Sie wenden sich an den Empfang von Châteauform' unter der +33 1 78 35 35 35.