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A temporary Curling Rink at La Grande Abbaye de la Ramée

WOW ! create memorable souvenirs of fun an in Belgium
  • Do you remember the Ice Skating Rink that made our participants so happy last year in Belgium ?

    Well, this year, La Grande Abbaye de la Ramée offers you a Curling Rink for your winter seminar !

  • From the 16th of January to the 17th of February 2017, come and practice one of the oldest team sports, born in the 16th century in Scotland !

    After having finished working and enjoying the joys of Ice, a hot beverage will be served to in the ice bubbles in the garden of the Convent…

  • To enjoy the pleasures of your winter seminar in our belgian home, 40 minutes from the airport or the train-station in Bruxelles, Caroline, your seminar advisor, will be glad to organize it for you.
    You can join her by phone at +32 10 23 71 71 or by email at

    See you soon in our Homes !