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Our story

  • Chateauform’ was founded.
    The Chateau de Neuville Bosc, our founder’s personal country home near Paris, was the first of many venues to open. Jacques and his wife Katy designed and transformed it into a guest house to host business seminars. The “just like at home” concept was born!

  • 8 years later, 9 houses around Paris and the Chateau de Suduiraut near Bordeaux had been added to our collection of homes. The same year, the first venue outside of France opened its doors. This was the beginning of our development in Europe with the Chalet de Champery in the heart of the Swiss Alps – and the Mas Sant Joan near Barcelona.

    In 2004, we turned one of our clients’ dream into reality, by creating the brand Les Maisons de Katy et Jacques Our participants could now stay in our homes with their family and friends, for enchanted holidays.

  • Chateauform’ continued to grow with the opening of venues in Belgium and Italy.
    Back in France, a new concept was developed in Paris with Chateauform’ City: a private townhouse designed to welcome non-residential meetings and events, with the warm welcome of a host couple, which had become our signature.

  • Châteauform’ became Châteauform’ the home of seminars for its 25 residential sites – in the countryside and far from the noise of the city – in Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Switzerland).

  • The City family grew with the opening of a second address in Paris.

    The same year, the Home of Seminars, City and Les Maisons de Katy et Jacques brands were integrated under the Chateauform’ name. We wanted this name to retain a common “essence”, a guarantee of Friendliness, generosity, flexibility, freedom, nature, gentleness, simplicity, high-tech and all-inclusive without a single worry.

  • By popular demand of our clients who wanted to come to Chateauform for larger meetings, a new brand under the Chateauform’ name was born: Campus! The first campus, Les Berges de Seine,is located in the South-East of Paris.

    Simultaneously, few kilometres away, Chateauform’ opened its first home in Germany.

  • 2016

    20 years on, Chateauform’ is a collection of:

    • 36 Homes of Seminars in 6 European countries
    • 3 Campus locations near Paris
    • 4 City properties in the heart of Paris
    • 5 Maisons de Katy et Jacques