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The host couple at Châteauform'

What is their duty, how do we recruit them, their training and afterwards ...
  • It seems obvious: the beautiful house – the one all seminar organisers dream of – is run by a host couple. Too obvious perhaps? We’ve made it a rule, and we’re sticking by it. So in each Châteauform’ house, you are welcomed by the master or mistress of the house. Sometimes tradition is a good thing.

    What is the role of a host couple at Châteauform’?

    • Get up, every morning, to help make the participants happy.
      The welcome is the number one priority. Being a host couple is primarily a life philosophy…
    • Establish and lead a team of between 15 and 45 people who become right-hand men and women, and are essential in the search for detail in the house.
    • Ensure the correct management of the house and its heritage so that it is more beautiful every day, to amaze our participants.

    What talent are we looking for?

    • You are a couple, you are used to developing in a multicultural environment, with various representatives, decision-makers, and executives from different business cultures,
    • You have qualifications, but not necessarily in Hospitality,
    • Your career path is unusual, and you have been enriched by experiences that you like sharing,
    • Project managers, you have experience in management and/or you have been called upon to coordinate teams,
    • You’re young at heart, cosmopolitan, sporty, travellers, passionate, you have your own personality … plus you speak French, English and a third language,
    • You want to work together,
    • You want to please others, you like to help.
  • A journey unlike all others …


    • After your integration, you are welcomed to one of our “School Houses” with an experienced host couple.
    • You will integrate with the team you’ll be working with to get to know the house and each person’s contributions.
    • With the host couple you’ll learn all the necessary stages for the preparation and organisation of a house and its team, for a successful seminar that is “just like home”.
    • You will host your first team of participants, under the watchful eye of your hosts and with the involvement of the whole team!

    Flying School:
    A real school, Flying School develops your independence by putting you in situations further on from what you learned within the “School House”.
    You alternate between the duty of replacing host couples, to practise your future job, and periods in your “School House”, to learn and consolidate your learning.
    The period of integration, training in a “School House” and learning in the Flying School is scheduled to last around six months.
    For couples with children, this period requires them to find THEIR ideal solution … depending on the age of the children, good family organisation, or the help of an “accompanier”… Lots of our couples have been through this; we can give you their tips!

  • And after training?

    • That wonderful day when you’re told that a house is waiting for you!
      It’s true that you don’t know in advance which house will be your first, and nor do we!
      However, most often, you’ll be asked to pick up the baton from a host couple who are off to another site. They’ll pass you the torch and give you the “keys” to the house in a little handover week.
    • … But you might also be asked to open a new site! To explain everything to you, a “family” meeting with all the teams who have worked on the project will be organised one month before D-Day!
    • At this stage, your role is the creation of a team and the implementation of the organisation of the site.

    What are the professional and personal development perspectives?

    • Learning, always learning is one of our seven fundamental values, and the opportunities to develop at Châteauform’ are manifold with the internal seminars and forums, the training sessions on offer, the exchanges with other houses and other functions.
    • And of course, mobility, for an opening, or taking over a larger site, or another “name” for Châteauform’… or going to another country … everything is done to help you to develop.