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Table host
  • Whether by trade or by nature, he enjoys serving others, including greeting them and sharing information with them. In a word, he is devoted. He is very gracious, energetic, and organised, and he loves working within a team. He comes to Châteauform’ for the friendliness and the flexibility between being the host and serving others. He does not need to know the techniques of the trade (cutting, top-of-the-line service, etc.), but he must always be on his toes and finish his work before leaving. This is often his first job, so he has much to learn and must be able to accept criticism and follow directions. Ideally, he has some knowledge of English hospitality.

  • Ludivine, Table Host
    “I am the table host at various times throughout the day, and I pamper you during your meals. I also make sure that you have everything you need.”