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Seminar Advisor
  • The Seminar Advisor is responsible for listening to our customers and helping them to select the best Châteauform’ site to fit their seminar needs. He is responsible for seeking out and building loyalty with target company contacts so that they hold their meetings at Châteauform’. Another of his tasks is to initiate and manage direct marketing, including open houses and target mail. To understand customer needs and patterns, the Seminar Advisement team is organized by sector and pair.

  • Julie, Seminar Advisor
    “Involvement, responsiveness, and team spirit. Being a seminar advisor at Châteauform’ means responding quickly and correctly to customers. That includes studying their schedule and advising them based on the profile of their participants and the purpose of their seminar. Being a seminar adviser also means getting involved in customer service. We have a dozen advisors – not including the nannies – who handle the logistics of each and every seminar so that everything is ready when participants begin to arrive. Beside professional experience, joining the Châteauform’ family means changing your perception of “work”, and the testimonials from our satisfied customers is a real motivator!”