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Talents and Culture

chez Châteauform'
  • When creating Châteauform, Jacques Horovitz wanted a company led by values rather than by rules. That leaves everyone with a lot more freedom and independence. All the teams hold the values high, demonstrating them daily through their management practices and particularly their behaviour. They are all ambassadors for the culture of the company.

    To bring this company to life and make it stand out, one of the firm stances is to not have an HR department but jobs brought together under the concept of “Talents and Culture”. There are 12 of them and they are entrusted to people primarily in the field who have the common desire to contribute beyond their main job. To finish their tasks successfully, they form a partnership with one of the 4 people permanently dedicated to Talents and Culture. By dividing the tasks up in this way, Human Resources are everyone’s concern. These “missionaries” accompany, suggest, experiment and dare, to make the culture of the company continue.

  • Around 20 talents contribute to the 12 jobs of Talents and Culture: the recruitment of host couples and head chefs, the integration of new talents, training particularly with the creation of a university, “flying school”, mobility and remuneration, the table, internal communication, family meetings (internal seminars), formalising knowledge, patrons and sponsors.
    Châteauform’ favours the independence of each person with the speed of design, decision and execution. To do this, the structure must remain flat. No intermediary hierarchy for preventing audacity or saying no. Autonomy is the norm for preventing bottlenecks.
    No titles, no hierarchy, but responsible leaders and independent teams … The company encourages horizontal coordination rather than vertical coordination by systematically involving all the people affected by decisions.

  • Talents and Culture have their leader who represents the jobs to the management committee level. Nevertheless, everyone is responsible for their job, their budget, their decisions.

    Since its creation, Châteauform’ has had an organisational chart in the form of an inverted pyramid. Today the group is preparing for its future by making its current organisation durable and continuing the role and tasks of Talents and Culture.