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Recipe of the month

A melt-in-your-mouth childhood treat: homemade marshmallow!
  • Just picture the soft smooth sweetness of tantalising marshmallow

    5 egg whites
    150g of sugar
    50g of glucose
    6 sheets of gelatine
    icing sugar

    Put the glucose, sugar and water in a pan and heat until 115°C using a sugar thermometer (if you don’t have one, the mixture will reach 115°C about 2 minutes after boiling). Let the mixture start to thicken a little but make sure the sugar does not colour.

    Place the gelatine sheets in a flat dish, cover with cold water and leave until fully soft. Beat egg whites until stiff. With the sugar now at 115°C let the egg whites cool (5 to 5 minutes).
    Add flavours to your taste.
    Once the mixture can be worked by hand, use a piping bag to pipe out over a bowl of icing sugar. Cut off at desired length with scissors.
    Coat each piece generously in icing sugar so they don’t stick together.

    See you sweet teeth again soon!