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Why is there no radio, or TV in our bedrooms?

And why we think it’s essential
Why not?
  • Why is there no radio, or television in any of the bedrooms at Châteauform’?

    This is fully intentional so that participants are not tempted to stay in their rooms watching a TV series or a match. A seminar is a chance to network or create relationships with other participants, either over a drink, with a walk in the grounds or in an after-dinner discussion.

    We purposely did not include them in your rooms to help you relax. In fact, while you are at Chateauform’ we are offering you a media-free holiday! In this news-saturated world, no news during your stay with us is like a sort of break conducive to thought and recharging batteries.

    But don’t worry, you will find a television in one of the lounges so that you can watch those programmes you feel you just cannot miss, or the daily news whenever you feel like it.