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Here, you are at home...

Friendliness, simplicity, generosity, flexibility, and nature have the place of honour
  • The Founder of Chateauform’, Jacques Horovitz, has spent more than thirty years of his professional career organising residential seminars for management committees, corporate functions and operational management throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.


    What struck him was that, very often, the chosen venues were completely incompatible with the type of seminar organised! Sometimes it was the meeting rooms that were not suitable, sometimes the place itself: often too big, where you felt lost, surrounded by other groups, weddings, business men or even families on holiday.


    A break or a sports activity was almost never planned during the working day, simply because there was nothing to do to relax, discuss or simply get to know one another! He also noticed the lack of flexibility regarding meals: too long or too heavy, when they should have been light, to enable people to work throughout the day, or perhaps the meals were seated when they should have been informal…


    It was for all these reasons that Jacques Horovitz imagined Châteauform’!


    He has created places that are entirely dedicated to business meetings and seminars where work and relaxation blend together harmoniously and where you can take the time to reflect.

  • They are not hotels, but houses in the country, away from the noise of the city. They have the advantage of being surrounded by nature, yet also easy to access!


    They are not restaurants, but spaces for communication and discussion.


    They are not multi-purpose rooms, but places for work and reflection.


    The most important part in our houses is that you are not received by hotel staff but welcomed by a host couple into their house!


    Our dream is to offer each participant the opportunity to enjoy an environment dedicated entirely to work, reflection and relaxation in an atmosphere that makes them feel at home.


    You’re at home here… Welcome!