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Business Cases

'In creating and developing Châteauform', I had two dreams, and they're both still alive. For me, Châteauform' is above all a human adventure for creating a company "differently". My second dream is making Châteauform' places where life is good for our clients.' Jacques Horovitz – founder of Châteauform'
Annual marketing seminar Medical equipment industry
A residential meeting of 3 days and 3 nights, this event gathered an international team of 60 participants.
Châteauform', the humanist company
When creating Châteauform', Jacques Horovitz wanted a company led by values rather than by rules.
Discover our talents
A company is more than an organisation, more than individuals, more than objectives to be reached. It's a real construction created by all those who want to build something together.
The Châteauform' group
Châteauform', created in 1996 by Jacques Horovitz with 4 brands: The home of seminars, City, Les Campus, Les maisons de Katy et Jacques