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8 techniques for a successful training session


8 techniques for a successful training session

In a rapidly changing world where speed has become the new form of management, having the ability train your talents is essential at any point of your career!

Whether it is acquiring new knowledge, leadership or developing skills, training encompasses many characteristics, and it is always related to human capital. If these skills are well performed, they will have a direct impact on the quality and involvement of your employees.

The following 8 techniques that will render your training sessions more successful:



         Set a SMART goal

For an effective training session, you must define a goal beforehand. To be sure that is has been well structured, you can follow the SMART rule, which means:

  • – Specific (explicit)
  • – Measurable (indicators that you will set up)
  • – Ambitious (we are always looking forward in doing more than N-1)
  • – Realistic (reachable)
  • – Delimited on time (project planning)

           The place

The place of your training session is essential and will give your participants the spark of the day:

  • – An address in the heart of the city will show that time is precious, and that learning must be efficient.
  • – A place out in the countryside will help your participants stay out of the daily routine and will also encourage brainstorming, relaxation and harmony.

The meeting room itself must be well-thought. Daylight, space and equipment are prerequisites. The layout of the furniture will depend on the theme, on the host and the objective (top-down information, practical cases, collective work …).

Do not hesitate to modify this arrangement according your day’s performance and to boost up dynamism!

To allow the instructor to focus on the success of their training, they must not be distracted or preoccupied with the logistical aspects of the day. Make sure the venue will offer this advantage with a responsible manager onsite.

→ During the session

     The welcoming

Just like in an interview, the first 5 minutes of the training are made to allow the participant feel comfortable. Big smiles, an informal breakfast, a well spelled badge … These little details that will allow you to start the day on a healthy basis.

The host must take the opportunity to present his career and highlight his experience to be seen an expert in the field.

      The ice breaker

The ice breaker, as the term implies it, breaks the ice in a group so that participants are more comfortable during the training.

It always takes place at the very beginning and is often a game. There are many examples on the web (the name game, the goal, a world map …)

This is a simple exercise that will facilitate communication for the rest of your meeting, especially if the training actors do not know each other.


Who does not have horrifying memories from school due to teachers that never involved their students in class or even questioned the understanding of what they had just taught?

Interaction will involve your interns. In fact, the point of face-to-face activities is just that!

Participants must be able to share at the beginning of the session the reason why they are here and what their goal is, while being able to ask questions, perform a debate and especially exchange their own experiences.

Therefore, plan practical cases with feedback or brainstorming sessions in order to maintain their attention.


A new trend in training is gaming, which makes your formation sessions more attractive and effective.

The 3 most important facts for a training game are:

  • – Motivation. Your interns should not stay inactive, help them to emerge in a warmth environment and encourage participation.
  • – Collaboration. Involve the participant in the training process. The success of this dynamic will depend on his/her involvement.
  • – Interactivity. Learning with interactive activities makes it possible to better retain the information taught during the training process


         The ROTI

An excellent way to evaluate the efficiency of a training is to evaluate the ROTI (Return On Time Invested).

Was the time too short or overwhelming for the participants? Was it enough to digest all the information? Or, on the contrary, was the time given too long? Would they have been more productive with another task?

ROTI is a simple and efficient indicator that answers these questions. It consists in asking at the end of the training a vote with 5 fingers:

  • – 5 fingers: Excellent. It has been a great meeting where participants have learned what they wanted and will be able to apply the new knowledge in the future. It was worth the time.
  • – 4 fingers: Good. This is a meeting above average. They gained more than the time I spent.
  • – 3 fingers: Average. It was not a waste of time, but it did not reach expectations.
  • – 2 fingers: Useful but it was not worth 100% the time. It was a loss of time.
  • – 1 finger: Not useful. No new skills were gained, nor new knowledge was acquired.

Depending on the results, you can react quickly and improve the content or the structure of your next intervention!

         The Kirkpatrick model

Another way to evaluate the success and effectiveness of a training is with the Kirkpatrick model which is based on 4 levels-

  • – Reactions. This is a satisfaction evaluation applied to the participants at the end of the training.
  • – Learning. Testing skills with an exam. The ideal way to carry out this method is by performing one test before the training, and a final one after the training.
  • Behavior. Done by observing their behavioral patterns or by setting up new skills on their daily tasks.
  • Results. This is the final KPI’s study such as productivity, sales, cost control.

It is evident that new technologies are changing our employee’s habits. They can now learn when they want and where they prefer.

The previous face-to-face training tips mentioned, complement these new means of learning. For this, training sessions must always be a real learning experience.


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