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A unique approach to your meeting

Here, you're at home
A unique approach to your meeting
<span>Host couples</span>

Host couples

It seemed obvious to us: if dream holiday guest houses are always run by warm and friendly families, then dream seminar venues should be too! We’ve made it a rule and we stick to it. At Chateauform’, you are welcomed by a host couple, who live onsite with their family.



At Chateauform’, you’ll rediscover a taste for simplicity. Each of our chefs has their own style, but they all share a love of seasonal dishes and freshly-picked ingredients, sometimes even from their own gardens. And they are all masters of eye-catching presentation. Many of our visitors even take away some of their creations when they leave us!

Your schedule is <span>our schedule</span>

Your schedule is our schedule

We make a point of adapting to your needs, not the other way around. We can arrange meals, breaks, entertainments and activities whenever you want, even if you decide to completely change your agenda at the last minute.

Relaxation is <span>work’s best friend</span>

Relaxation is work’s best friend

Each house offers sports and leisure activities (either onsite or within a short distance), for your team to enjoy during their free time. This includes tennis, table tennis, swimming, golf, horse-riding, cycling, walking, archery, volleyball, football and spa facilities. Relaxation helps participants learn, think and focus better. We encourage you to leave time for leisure activities – it will make you more productive. Depending on the purpose of your meeting, you might also want to run a mini-Olympics, tournaments or indoor and outdoor events – all with the help of your hosts.

An environment to <span>enhance team-building</span>

An environment to enhance team-building

Meetings often have a double objective – a training or business objective that is always stated up-front, and an interpersonal objective that is normally more tacit than overt, but just as important. At Chateauform’, everything – the layout of our houses, the leisure activities on offer and our traditions – have been conceived with the idea of bringing people together and fostering collaboration and team spirit.

Rafting, igloo-building, quad biking, team gospel singing, cookery workshops… and our welcoming lounges, open kitchens and bars all reflect this philosophy.

Give <span>free rein to your imagination</span>

Give free rein to your imagination

Although our sites already offer plenty of activities, from time to time our clients ask for something more. That’s why, with the help of external partners, we can put on themed events for you.

Whether you fancy a poker or jazz evening, a cheese and wine tasting, team-building games, improv theatre or a trip to the actual theatre, we can provide it!

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