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The story of Châteauform'

  • Châteauform’ was born with the opening of the first site in Neuville Bosc in the Oise. It was the personal home of Katy and Jacques Horovitz that they designed and transformed into a guest house to host business seminars. The “just like at home” concept was born!

  • 8 years later, 9 houses in the Ile-de-France and the Château de Suduiraut in Aquitaine had been opened. The same year, Châteauform’ set up a new venue outside of France for the first time. This was the beginning of internationalisation with the Chalet de Champéry in Switzerland – in the Valais in the heart of the Alps – and Mas Sant Joan in Spain – on the Costa Brava to the north of Barcelona …

    2004 also saw the launch of a separate brand: Les Maisons de Katy et Jacques … A brand to meet demand from our clients who wanted to return to us during family holidays or with friends.

  • Chateauform’ continued to pursue international expansion with the opening of houses in Belgium and Italy. In France, a new concept arrived in Paris with Châteauform’ sur le pouce (on the go): a private townhouse in Parc Monceau designed as a concentrated form of Châteauform’ in the capital, for shorter meetings with a non-residential package.

  • Châteauform’ became Châteauform’ the home of seminars for its 25 residential sites – in the countryside and far from the noise of the city – in Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Switzerland).

  • The opening of a second address in Paris coincided with the launch of the Châteauform’ City brand, dedicated to houses hosting you in the centre of larger metropolitan areas.
    The same year, the Les maisons de Katy et Jacques brand was integrated under the Châteauform’ name. We wanted this name to retain a common “essence”, a guarantee of conviviality, generosity, flexibility, freedom, nature, gentleness, kindness, simplicity, high-tech and all inclusive without worries …

  • Our clients were telling us they wanted to have the Châteauform’ spirit for hosting large events and sizeable teams at very “gentle” prices … A new brand under the Châteauform’ name was born: Campus! The first Campus, Les Berges de Seine, is located in Seine et Marne.

    In other news, Châteauform’ opened its first seminar house in Germany – the primary European market for seminars – as well as in England, Châteauform’ at Hever in Kent.

  • Châteauform’ is crossing the continents, exporting its concept to China with the opening of Châteauform’ City Chuanshan Academy in Beijing. There are over 40 houses in Europe and China that have been opened since the creation of Châteauform’, each one illustrating a state of mind that could be translated by: “You’re at home here …”