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Our reason for being...

Châteauform’ has three simple aims in mind: you feel at home here – even if you’re here to work, you are welcomed by a host couple; you’ll find everything that you may want; at any time of the day, all guests can get hold of whatever they might need or want, either by asking for it or getting it themselves. Everything is included, so you’ll never run the risk of going over budget – whether it’s for meals, refreshments, sports, games, services or leisure activities. Take advantage of what’s on offer without worry.
Here, you are at home...
Here, you are at home...
I created Châteauform’, as a host of numerous residential seminars and training courses for many years catering to executive managers across Europe, Asia and the USA, as I could never find suitable locations … Jacques Horovitz, founder of Châteauform’
<span>The ingredients</span> of your seminar.
The ingredients of your seminar.
You are received by a host couple, to help you feel at home. Freedom and flexibility are the order of the day.
<span>Flat rate</span> all included
Flat rate all included
Whether you're here for work or to relax, everything is possible and everything is included! Our flat rates mean absolutely everything is included, so there are no nasty surprises or hidden extras!
<span>Our organisation</span> without worry
Our organisation without worry
With our organisation, you need not worry about a thing; we take care of everything, to put your mind at ease…