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  • The most frequently asked questions:

  • Why are you more expensive than an ordinary hotel?
    Châteauform’ packages cannot be directly compared to the prices charged by ordinary hotels, because they are more generous and include absolutely everything. We never speak about money in our houses, there are no little extras which mount up during your stay, because everything is included from the outset.
    What’s more, we have a wide range of packages to fit any budget, depending on the house, from €195 to €405.

  • Are you open to private guests?
    At the Maisons de Katy et Jacques (the Châteauform’ leisure brand), we welcome private guests with their families for minimum stays of one week. There are five of these houses, which usually cater for seminars, but which are converted for family stays during the school holidays. Five houses, five atmospheres: the sea at the Mas San Joan in Spain, culture at the Borghesiana Romana in Italy, the mountains at the Champéry chalets in Switzerland, the countryside at the Cascina Erbatici and the heart of Provence at Châteauneuf.

  • Where are you located? Are you in Paris as well?
    We are in France – in Paris, Ile de France, Rhône-Alpes, the Bordeaux region and the Var.
    We are also in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and China.

  • Are breaks included? What does ‘all-in’ cover?
    Yes, snacks and teas are included in the all-in package, as are all other meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and access to our bars at all times; accommodation; all plenary and sub-committee meeting rooms, which are fully equipped with the latest technology; all leisure activities and extras, such as Wi-Fi access, phone calls and photocopies.

  • Can I ask you questions about all Châteauform’ establishments, or are you specialised in one in particular?
    As a Seminar Advisor, I am able to provide information about all our houses in Europe.

  • Do you only cater for meetings at board or upper-management level?
    Our clients use us for very different reasons, not only board or upper-management meetings. We host training sessions, team meetings on strategy/annual reports/targets/brainstorming, award seminars, team building sessions and board meetings.

  • For your organisers:

  • Can you arrange transfers?
    With pleasure. Each of our houses works with local taxi or bus companies. Your nanny is in charge of logistics and can help you organise your seminar upstream. She can book all your transfers for arrivals and departures and group your participants together, depending on their schedules and where they arrive or leave from, so you can keep costs down.

  • Can the participants cover part of the cost of a seminar?
    Yes. Participants can pay for part or all of their stay. To help with this, we have an online pre-payment system, so participants do not have to ‘talk money’ during their stay. Your seminar advisor can explain everything in detail.

  • Are there any twin rooms?
    Yes, guests can be accommodated in rooms with two beds. Certain houses have more shared rooms than others.

  • Can we book Châteauform’ premises for our own exclusive use?
    Naturally, it’s the best way! You can have the house to yourselves, decorate it in your company’s colours and have the host couple and their team entirely at your disposal from start to finish.

  • Can you suggest trainers for my event?
    We can suggest a selection of consultants, who regularly come to speak on their clients’ behalf in our houses. You can download the Experts en form’ guide from our website.

  • I need activities. What can you suggest?
    There are all sorts of activities on offer at our houses, for participants to enjoy themselves together.
    We have a range of self-service activities indoors (pool, table football, board games, karaoke, massage beds, Turkish baths, indoor swimming pools …) and outdoors (tennis, football, golf, volleyball, badminton, bikes …)
    If you want to bring in professionals to drive home the target of your seminar more strongly, please take a look at our Autres Désirs selection on our website.

  • I have had no answer to my request, what should I do?
    Firstly, please accept our apologies. You can contact the Châteauform’ helpdesk.

  • For your participants:

  • I am lost. Who should I contact?
    You can call the Châteauform’ helpdesk, our hostess will provide directions to the house you are looking for.

  • How do I get to the house?
    You can download an access plan with GPS coordinates from our website.

  • Are pets allowed?
    Pets are not allowed in our houses.

  • I left something behind after my seminar, how can I get it back?
    You can contact your host couple direct if you have the phone number of the house. If not, you can call the Châteauform’ helpdesk.

  • I would like to know more about the history of your houses.
    The host couple talk about the house when you arrive. On your bed, you will also find the ‘keys’ of the house, going into more detail about the history of the place. Otherwise, contact us to find out more.

  • I liked one of the decorative objects in your houses, where can I find one for myself?
    We will be delighted to tell you where we found it! Just contact our helpdesk and we will put you through to our ‘deco’ team.