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Châteauform', the humanist company

A company managed by values Ideas, an experience: Châteauform’
  • Companies evolve, as do the concerns of their directors, with the role of the company no longer being to simply produce goods or services. This primary function is now part of a wider framework, that of corporate social responsibility. This is why the position of the men and women who constitute companies is undergoing changes, and some companies have already understood that they were their richest asset.

  • When creating Châteauform, Jacques Horovitz wanted a company led by values rather than by rules. That leaves everyone with a lot more freedom and independence. All the teams hold the values high, demonstrating them daily through their management practices and particularly their behaviour. They are all ambassadors for the culture of the company.

  • In the 21st century, we can no longer manage a company like we did before. And so numerous questions have to be asked:

    • Is it possible to do it another way?
    • Is it possible to put men and women at the heart of the company rather than performance?
    • Can human relations override regulations?
    • And what about the values of a company?
    • How do you know that the values fit?
    • How do you bring them to life?
    • Which rites and symbols should be implemented?
    • What is the culture of the company?

    Every year, we organise a weekend designed for the coordinators and consultants who are used to our houses. Every year, we ask them the same question: How would you improve our houses? Tell us and imagine the Châteauform’ that will help make your seminars an even bigger success in the future.


    In 2012, during this weekend, the organisers asked our founder, Jacques Horovitz, how he managed Châteauform’. And they asked him to write a book. He said “Yes, if you write it with me!” Seven months later, the book “The Humanist Company” was published.