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Booking Your Seminar

chez Châteauform'
  • Because Châteauform’ is dedicated exclusively to hosting residential business seminars with flate rate packages for meeting rooms booking, our team uses a three-step approach to focus on making your event a success. Each step requires knowledge and expertise. This is why Châteauform’ provides you with a dedicated contact at every step, an expert in a particular area. Feel free to call on their expertise. Each will be happy to answer your questions or help with anything you need. See you soon “at home”.


    · Come visit and experience the magic!
    · Consider incorporating variety into your schedule, which will make your seminar even more effective.
    · Let us handle your travel arrangements, saving you time and money.
    · Use your “nanny” if you forgot anything.
    · Identify what you want, and we will happy to help.

    Your Arrival, Stay, and Departure

    · Arrive the day before the event so that you can be more effective.
    · Take time to relax so that you can recharge your batteries.
    · Tell us what to expect of your participants so that we can best suit them.
    · Select or provide the welcome gifts. We will place them in the rooms for you.
    · Give us information about everyone’s arrival and departure. We’ll handle the rest.


    · Send us your billing address in advance so that we can send your bill to the right place.
    · Specify how you want to be billed.
    · Confirm any cancellations with your “nanny” within 48 hours after your departure.

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